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KC Support is a Keratoconus website resource and family support group for parents, children and adults, whose lives have been affected by Keratoconus. lessecretsdeshommes
Keratoconus Book Project
KCS is supporting screenwriter and Author Adam Daniel Mezei on a potential book of stories on Keratoconus.
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Ask the Doctor
Visit our new section on our message boards.
Ask questions about Keratoconus to our forum doctors.
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KC Treatment Options
A look at Keratoconus treatments such as contact lenses, transplants and future treatments. Includes general comments from KCer's.
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Ten Questions to Ask your Eye Doctor
Knowing what questions to ask your eye doctor can sometimes be difficult. Here are some common questions you may want to ask at your visit.
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What's in a number?
We often see numbers used to measure our vision such as 20/20 but what do they mean? Here's a look at the most common measurements.
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The Wrong Diagnosis

This is an amazing story of how a little girl was diagnosed with advanced Keratoconus. Read how Anna's family coped after learning about her diagnosis and how miracles sometimes really do happen!
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The Wrong Diagnosis Part II
Kristy, Anna's mother, talks in detail about Anna's diagnosis, her tests including all her topographies and how her first doctors had mistaken her test results for advanced Keratoconus.
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KC Charities
Learn about Keratoconus Charities and Websites.
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KC Vision
How do people with KC see? What kind of visual problems do they have?
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Common questions answered on Keratoconus.
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Medical Link
A reference to other
eye related disorders.
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Ferrara Rings
Read Roman's Ferrara rings Diary.
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Having your child diagnosed with Keratoconus can be a difficult and challenging time. Parent's Corner was created by parents sharing their hopes, fears and experiences.

Personal Stories of Parents whose children have KC. Click Here
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